“Little masterpieces…. with the art of catchiness, which usually honors the classics…” Jazzthetik Mai/Juni 2013

“An outstanding musical talent”
“The whole album is spiced with fine jazz solos”
Folker März/April 2013

“The singer amazes with her samba and bossa sung in Russian”
“Here even a heartache seems to make you feel happy”
Jazzthetik März/April 2013

“A real ear-catcher”
“Has the charm of old school Russian pop music”
“A bright and very likeable album …very breezy and thrilling”
Deutschlandradio Kultur/ February 2013

“This Ukrainian can be envied for her unconventional CD”
“Samba and bossa sung in russian grab your attention and fit astonishingly well together” “amazing authentic Portuguese”
“Congratulations on this fine album”
“Èstá ficando russo” is a successful introduction album and for some bars the close link to Eastern Europe makes it more interesting”
Sound & Image/ February.2013

“The trinational newcomer masters her first steps with brilliance…”
“She works out the fusion of very contradictory folkloric influences remarkable in an easy and relaxed way”
“her cross-cultural Bossa Nova is a discovery”
“ A brilliant debut that contains a whole load of heart and soul”
AVIVA Berlin März 2013

“Charming bossas with divine lyrics’
“A perfect multi-cultural mixture’
“Linguistic and musical high-class. Russian samba, made in Germany…” Magdeburger Stadtmagazin “DATEs”/ March 2013

“She unites the East and the Latin in a carefree way and sounds like a real tropicalista”
Magazin Doppelpunkt Nürenberg / March2013

“Bossa Russa Nova opens the gate to a music style, that can make Slavic music out of samba and the other way round’
“Songs that unite jazz and Latin in an inspiring world music”
“A successful album, made with a squad of international musicians”
Landeszeitung Lüneburg “Abgehört”/ February 2013

“She sounds astoundingly authentic”
“A great fusion of ‘Slavic soul’ with the sun of the other continent”
“Strongly recommended!”
Günter Kösters

“Well then…”

Münster / September/2013

“Nice sounding music – Rosas fan team will grow fast”
“Zwiebel“ Bamberg März 2013

“She created her own music style, which is able to unite people inimitably” Aschaffenburger Stadtmagazin/ April 2013

“Fresh and buoyant” Jazzpodium/ April 2013

“Astoundingly fine nuances”
“Rosa Morena’s musicians seem to juggle different styles with incredible ease”
“Enlightened and very tender music”
“With this music, success is guaranteed”
“This first album is already a mature, full-blooded project”
“An obviously outstanding talent as a singer, songwriter and guitarist”
“Highly talented artist”
“Beautiful songs” GURUKEN/April 2013

“…she is not only mixing the musical styles but the stereotypical mentalities as well…” – DIE WELT v. 17.4.2019

“wonderful ballads … with intensive emotion…marvellous tune… the plan to reconcile such different cultural influences succeeded in a very interesting and special way” MUSIK AN SICH v. 10.8.2019

„successful compositions with great jazz improvisations“- FOLKER April 2019

“eclectic, varied and wonderful” NEWSmuz (Russland) v.24.3.2019

„the ballads…are particularly successful” – LATIN MUSIC NEWS #29

„who wants to understand her will need to reject the superficial” – SCHALL June 2019


Reviews of concerts

“a singer with an outstanding voice and gift for improvisation”
Art Ukraine

“The easiness, the esprit, the temperament… rightly deserved standing ovations”
Buxtehuder Tagesblatt

“Equally strong and supple voice provides a range of big emotions”
“Carefree rhythms of samba impact the rustic Slavic temperament, traditional Brazilian songs meet Russian melodies, the audience becomes a musical melting pot. Just great!”
Kieler Nachrichten

“Outstanding soloist”
Die Rheinpfalz

“She fascinates with an incredible vocal talent, sparkling with charm”