The singer-songwriter Rosa Morena Russa makes zeitgeisty music. She risks playing a brave musical blend of Eastern Europe and Brazil, invents a new music style “bossa russa nova” and manages to create a “genius combination of romantic Russian melodies with samba and bossa nova rhythms“– LANDESZEITUNG . The secret of her success is a stunning authenticity while dealing with foreign cultures and languages, a result of years of research and living abroad.

Rosa was born in a Russian family of classical musicians, deeply rooted in the Jewish musical tradition. She grew up in Ukraine and Germany. As a child she was already touring in Europe and performing on stage, as a grownup she went to live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There she played together with some famous musicians, breathing samba and choro music, trying to learn about this fascinating music tradition as much as she could.


These multicultural music experiences lead to her debut album in 2013: “Está ficando Russo” (DaCasa Records/Galileo MC), which has won critical acclaim in Germany and Russia. JAZZTHETIK magazine describes her songs as “little masterpieces…. with the art of catchiness, which usually honors the classics…” and MAGDEBURGER STADTMAGAZIN describes it as a “perfect multicultural mixture”.


After some years of research and reflection, Rosa is back with a new album “Trick-Trague” which is to be released in April 2019. The album was mostly recorded in Rio de Janeiro and includes with an even broader range of topics, idioms and musical styles. These range from a maracatu-tune (Maracatu is a rhythm from the north-east of Brazil) and a bossa arrangement of a Jewish-Moldavian folk song, to a candomblé fusion of hymns as well as water orixas and Jewish spirituals about prophet Jonah. This mixture seems to be quite provocative, because the Jewish religion strictly denies any form of polytheism.


In concert, Rosa and her international band (DE/UA/BRAZIL/CUBA/US) offer an excellent show full of improvisation and musical depth.