Rosa & Band

Russia and Brazil don’t have many in common at a first glance. It is different for Rosa Morena Russa, her “combination of romantic Russian melodies with samba and bossa nova rhythms sounds genius”. – LANDESZEITUNG.

Rosa was born in a Russian family of classical musicians, deeply rooted in a Jewish musical tradition. She grew up in Ukraine and Germany. As a child she was already touring in Europe and performing on stage, as a grown up she went to live in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. There she collaborated with some famous musician and broadened her skills in playing Brazilian traditional instruments.

The debut album „Está ficando Russo“, released 2013 (DaCasa Records/Galileo MC) has been critically acclaimed in Germany and Russia. The JAZZTHETIK-magazine described her songs as „little masterpieces…. with the art of catchiness, which usually honors the classics…” and “Magdeburger Stadtmagazin “DATEs” as a “perfect multicultural mixture”.

A bunch of great musicians participates the project, among others Dan Gottshall (lead trombone at the NDR Big Band), Leandro St.-Hill (the Saxophonist of the Grammy nominated Omar Sosa), Dudu Tucci (the Brazilian percussionist, since 25 years a shaping person in the German samba scene).

Together with her band Rosa performs an excellent show full of improvisation and musical deepness, often completed by a projection of live painting performance of the famous Russian artist Pavel Ehrlich.

Band full cast:

Rosa Morena Russa          – vocal, acoustic guitar

Dan Gottshall                    – trombone

Leandro St. Hill                 – saxophone, flute

Axel Burkhardt                  – bass guitar

Cesar Ferreira                    – drums

Pavel Ehrlich                     – live painting




Rosa about herself: autobiographical essay